ISBN   978 9988 763 25 1
This novel won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for First Book, Africa Region, in 1991, and selected by the West Africa Examination Council as Set Book for Literature in Core English Language.  The novel has also appeared on the Supplementary Readers list of the National Curriculum Development Centre, Uganda.
It was midnight. The little village of Susa slept in darkness in the heart of the forest farms, among the tall trees. The mahoganies and sapeles stood tall in the dark sky, providing a canopy over the village and deepening the density of the pitch-dark night. From a distant cluster of neighbouring villages, Adu heard a dog bark. Another dog howled. In the village midnight was a dangerous time. It was better not to be awake or to hear noises. Drifting into sleep, Adu was gripped by nightmare. He was in the forest, all alone – overwhelmed by fear. Then the leopard sprang . . .To be chased by an animal in a dream was a bad omen. Someone’s life was in danger.
In this haunting tale, the power of light struggles with the power of darkness to claim the life of Adu, the “grief child”. Brooding over and infusing all is the Ghanaian setting – the living, breathing landscape of forest, farm, and village.


ISBN   978 9988 618 92 1
This is a favourite novel for senior high schools and other educational institutions for its fast-paced, highly relevant theme for our time.
Cudjo completes his nursing training and internship in a city hospital and is delighted to be posted to his hometown to serve his people. But, after only a few years of dedicated service, he is confronted by a devastating disease that stigmatises and destroys without mercy. He weeps in silence for his friend Babio and lives in perpetual shock over Adam and Akuvi, two companions who forgot one basic principle of staying alive in risky times. So daring is the invading virus that not even Cudjo himself, the passionate campaigner, is spared. Now what will happen to him and Araba, his fiancée, when no cure has been found for this bloody ailment? Blood Invasion is an unforgettable tale, the disturbing saga of a deadly disease that puts family, friendship, and love on trial . . . a powerful reminder that living must be done more carefully.



ISBN  9988 7632 618 69 7
To convey the meaning of Ghana's National Anthem and the National Pledge to young readers, Lawrence Darmani told it in story form instead of a straight commentary. When the story begins, Sosu and his mates at the Eden School are put to a strange test by Mr. Quist, their teacher, who gives them a big home-work assignment: to search for the meaning of the national anthem and the national pledge. It would certainly have been a mission unaccomplished had Uncle Sam not appeared on the scene at the right time. Can a boy hat his classmates without a cause? If not, why can’t Sosu be a little gentle with Attipo, especially as Attipo is physically challenged? And what has the heritage of an anthem and a pledge got to do with their relationships and everyday experiences? This story has something to tell every boy or girl, man or woman, who lives among people who value their heritage.
For a straight commentary on the National Anthem of Ghana and the National Pledge, with an in-depth study guide, look out for Lawrence Darmani's new book, God Bless Our Homeland Ghana.

ISBN   978 9988 618 92 6
If you had the opportunity to write a critical letter to your spouse, what would the content of that letter be, especially if no one else but just the two of you would ever know what you wrote?
In Just Between Us, twenty-four love-constrained people, having travelled several years into their matrimony, write letters to their spouses, revealing top secrets, scandalous confessions, bizarre observations, childish suspicions, irreversible regrets, real fear, unbelievable actions, and even laughable inhibitions – all of them quite shocking and a bit disturbing. “This is a work of fiction,” admits the author, “the figment of a fertile imagination.” Yet, this product of the author’s thought is so real that it will challenge your own wildest ideas about matrimonial relationships. You will find the stories in these letters to be highly sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable, but they are unforgettable and deeply touching.





This series of five novels, published together, hit the schools with a bang - so to speak! The students who have read the series have expressed delight for them and they are often included on students' supplementary reading list. "The novels are delicious!" said one student who read the first book and came to our office to buy the rest.  
ISBN 978 9988 618 00 1
Kukua can't believe what she sees when she goes to the internet cafe to check her BECE results. Aggregate 14? What happened to the Ten Ones she worked hard for? And when the postings arrive and she realises she's been sent to her third-choice school, she feels completely devastated. Where is this Eternity Senior High School anyway? But when courage overrides frustration, Kukua packs reluctantly and arrives at Eternity, the school on the hilll along the beach road. It is here that a series of surprises welcome her throughout the first term. The biggest surprise of all is Samira, the girl Kukua meets who has a bigger-than-life story. Can a baby be thrown away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high school? Surely, first term in the senior high school is full of surprises!

ISBN 978 9988 618 49 0
In the second term, Kukua and her mates run into several experiences that blow their minds away. Did you ever hear about a Virgins' Club? And why is Samira about to be sent home at the beginning of term? Enter Miss Kudjo's Literature class for excitement. But don't mess with Mr. Bayo, the Senior Housemaster of Savanna. Ask the three students why Mr. Bayo sees to it that they are suspended for one term. Kukua never thought examination fever could cause her to do what she did to make Mr. Binka punish her. Extremely funny is what happens to "Apinto the Boy" when his parents visit the school, particularly how his home-made food vanishes into the bellies of his most trusted friends. What is not funny, however, is Kukua's violent reaction when a senior girl tells her secretly, "Be my supi!" The senior girl lives to regret her encounter with Kukua. Second Term at the Eternity Senior High School turns out to be highly eventful, with lots of expectations to pursue.

ISBN 978 9988 618 24 7
How times flies! The days seem to be crawling, but here is third term already. For Kukua and her friend Samira, the challenges in the third term are very high, and the road there is full of unexpected happenings. Will her dreadful dream become a reality, since the strange woman is not about to forgo her quest to find her daughter? These are challenging times in senior high school. Kukua and Samira experience their share of tough moments and learn how to stay focused. In the midst of studying hard for the impending examination, how does Samira handle the appearance of a strange woman who claims to be her long-lost and forgotten biological mother? Now Samira is afraid and worried. “I dreamt that the woman kidnapped me and placed me in a huge castle . . .” she tells Kukua. Will her dreadful dream become a reality, since the strange woman is not about to forgo her quest to find her daughter? These are challenging times in senior high school. Kukua and Samira experience their share of tough moments and learn how to stay focused.


ISBN 978 9988 618 48 0
The long vacation has hardly begun when Kukua and Samira encounter the woman again. She has returned to claim Samira, her only daughter. Akumaa Brown, the woman, carries her fierce demand to Kukua’s uncle: a 17-year-old secret is about to be uncovered. But the tables turn against Akumaa when the law catches up on her over her own dark side. One encounter after another turn the long vacation into a huge adventure for th students on holidays, until it is clear who Samira’s biological parents are—a revelation that shocks Kukua. When the long vacation is over and Kukua and Samira return to school, guess what they see on the Headmaster’s Honours’ List.  The long vacation encounters spread to the school to excite Kukua and Samira. 



ISBN 978 9988 04 9
If the entertainment prefect thinks his idea of amusement will please every student, he is sadly mistaken. Asamoah doesn't see any amusement in what the prefect has in mind, despite the loud publicity of the coming event. To him, real entertainment must be vigorous, shake the bones, and draw sweat - not this boring thing everybody is talking about. So while the other students are enjoying themselves, Asamoah sneaks out of campus to the Beach Front in a wild quest for proper entertainment. But, if what goes on at the Beach Front is so great, why does Asamoah run back to school so fast? And what is his picture doing on the front page of the newspapers? By the time Asamoah discovers thart the school entertainment is not bad after all, it is too late for him to undo what he has done. Now, he he comes face to face with the reality of what strict heads of schools do to stubborn students.


ISBN   978 9988 618 02 5
Choices is a collection of memorable short stories of young people. It has practical situational dilemmas readers can easily relate to as they enjoy the stories. The choices characters made determined their destiny:
Sando’s Choice: Sando gains admission into his dream senior high school but soon discovers that studies are tougher here than he had imagined. As the first end-of- term examination fast approaches and the exam fever inflicts him, Sando panics and seeks help from someone who is reported to have supernatural powers. Sneaking out of school, he goes to see this powerful man and comes face-to-face with the biggest surprise of his life.
Ayisha’s Choice: Ayisha’s desire is to be like the other educated girls in her community, but while her mother supports her desire, her father doesn’t. How will Ayisha and her mother overcome her father’s belief that girls in their village don’t attend school? The hard-to-convince father has already betrothed her to a suitor anyway who has paid the required number of cows. This suitor, like Ayisha’s father, cannot imagine Ayisha attending school and arranges a kidnap. Will Ayisha’s desire to be educated ever be fulfilled?
Abiba’s Choice: When the crops fail again and there are no jobs to do to earn income for the family, Abiba sees only one choice open for her: travel down south to try “kayayo” as a female porter. Saying a painful goodbye to her family, she travels to the south and joins the hustlers. Abiba thinks it is a fine choice; if so then why does she return home so prematurely?
Tulali’s Choice: Dr. Zakari cannot understand what is happening at the village of Tulali. Why does it appear that everybody is sick in that village? He must find out. Together with his small team of health personnel, they travel to the village and what they see astonishes them. Why on earth does a village make such a choice in such modern times? They must do something about this!


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